Without a doubt, Kangana Ranaut is a fabulous actress. Her performances in movies like Gangster (where she was compared to the legendary Meena Kumari), Tanu weds Manu, Queen etc. were appreciated and she swept most of the awards for Best Actress and even bagged the National Award. The entire Hindi film industry was her oyster.

Her life story was almost like a Hindi movie. A small town girl from Himachal Pradesh gets into the big bad world of the Hindi film industry and makes a mark. Kangana reveled in this and portrayed herself as an underdog who went on to become the achiever. The more popular she became, the more brazen was her attitude. Skeletons started tumbling out of her closet. When talks of her past relationships with actors who promoted her and got her important film roles started coming out, she portrayed herself as a victim while in reality, she was a willing participant in the said relationships and exploited them to her benefit.

Soon Kangana made headlines by proclaiming on Karan Johar’s TV show that he was a “flagbearer of nepotism” in the Hindi movie industry. This comment did not go down too well with the entire film industry and soon Kangana was targeted by almost the all for her comment. Kangana’s made those comments on nepotism for only one purpose; to gain attention. And that she got in plenty. Soon there was a big divide within the industry and the media on whether Kangana was right or not. And through all this, Kangana was laughing all the way to the bank as it gave her reams of publicity.

In the meanwhile, there were several interviews given by her in the media regarding her relationship with Hrithik Roshan and this once again divided the film industry and the media on whether these claims were genuine or not. She made all the right noises and Hrithik Roshan, kept quiet about this whole issue. Kangana claimed to have received several hundred emails from Hrithik and he claimed otherwise. Hrithik handed over his laptop to the authorities for cyber examination while Kangana refused to handover her laptop.

She spoke in the media about her relationship with Hrithik and even lashed out at Hrithik and his family. Kangana’s sister too got into the act and used very bad language against Hrithik and his family. However, the timing of this Kangana interview was suspect. She had a movie release around the corner and it was quite obvious that she was seeking publicity. This time around, Hrithik gave an interview to a very prominent TV Channel and spoke out about his part of the story, challenging Kangana to prove even one of her allegations. Hrithik proved that even the pictures which Kangana claimed were of them together, were infact photo shopped and the other people in the pictures were cleverly edited.

kangana hrithik

She has cleverly taken the credit for screenplay and dialogues for her movie Simran and the original film writer Apurva Ansari has accused her of this. And now the much respected and national award winning director, Ketan Mehta, has accused her of hijacking his most ambitions film project “Rani of Jhansi”. Since 2015, Ketan Mehta was in contact with Kangana for the project and was sharing research material and several drafts of the script with her and she was actively participating. Ketan Mehta has claimed that Kangana, in collusion with producer Kamal Jain, has knowingly hijacked the project as she was privy to all the documents and research material along with the script. This has resulted in not only more publicity for Kangana but also for the impending movie.

Kangana has been able to play the media like a pro. She is indeed the outsider, with the most inside knowledge.


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